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XBUS not a Car, but more!

The XBUS is the most innovative and modular light vehicle in the world. It generates a daily range of up to 200 km via its integrated solar modules and recuperating drives.

Its maximum range without charging, with full battery and solar modules is over 600 km. With more than 10 modular and interchangeable bodies, it can be transformed into a convertible, off-roader, box body, station wagon, pick-up or van and camping bus in just a few steps.

With its permanent, electronically controlled all-wheel drive, over 1000 Nm of torque and its app-controlled communication system, as well as other optional features such as air conditioning and digital exterior mirrors, the XBUS sets new standards not only as a light vehicle.

Its unladen weight without batteries, load and superstructure is only 450-600kg, but it can still carry up to 1000kg of load.

XBUS is made for you!

XBUS. Innovation in motion.

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ElectricBrands. XBUS.

eMobility for commercial and private use!

Hours Charging time
km Range max
kg empty weight (max. 600kg)

XBUS. variants & modules.

You need the XBUS for private purposes or for your business?

Discover the modular variants and make the XBUS your personal vehicle.

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XBUS. Standard variants & modules.


XBUS "Bus"


XBUS "platform with tipping function"


XBUS "box"


XBUS "Transporter"

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XBUS "station wagon pickup"


XBUS "Pickup"


XBUS "Cabrio Pickup"


XBUS "Camper"


XBUS "Base"

XBUS. Offroad variants & modules.


XBUS "Offroad Bus"


XBUS "Offroad platform with tipping function"


XBUS "Offroad Box"


XBUS "Offroad Transporter"

Pick up!

XBUS "Offroad station wagon pickup"


XBUS "Offroad Pickup"


XBUS "Offroad Cabrio Pickup"


XBUS "Offroad Camper"


XBUS "Offroad Base"

XBUS. The advantages at a glance.

Best security

Light but safe. The XBUS has a passenger safety cell and a crash box integrated in the front area and much more.

Maximum range

From 8 up to 24 interchangeable and removable battery modules give you the range you need. 

Modular & flexible

The different modules of the eBussy can be exchanged and extended according to the "Lego principle".


With only 450/600 kg empty weight, the XBUS belongs to the homologation class: L7e light vehicle!

Strong working animal

The XBUS brings about 1000 Nm torque to the road, enough for your private and commercial needs.

Real environmental protection

Equipped with integrated solar panels, the XBUS achieves an additional daily range of up to 200 km.

Small family van

Up to 3 people can be seated together in the sunlight spoiled eBussy "Van" version.

Simple Digital

The XBUS is easily networked with your digital home or work environment.

XBUS. means sustainability.

Conventional Charging

Whether you want to recharge your XBUS at the household socket, at high voltage or just by the sun, everything is possible. Alternatively, you can exchange your empty batteries for full ones at our battery exchange stations.

Use solar energy!

Equipped with solar panels in the roof, the XBUS gains another 200km per day in addition to regenerating braking energy.

Protecting the environment

A conventional electric vehicle is only really "green" when it has driven about 40,000 km. The XBUS achieves this already after about 10,000km. In addition, it is almost completely recyclable at approx. 98%.

XBUS. Flexible. Intuitive.


XBUS. Genius. Versatile.

XBUS. Solar. Stationary. Mobile.

Gain your own energy!

The eBussy has up to 8m2 integrated solar foils depending on the module. This means it generates up to 13 kWh per day. In combination with its recuperating motors, you can travel up to 300 kilometres without any further charging.

Our battery exchange stations

In the course of time you will find our battery exchange stations in many places. Here you can recharge your batteries around the clock and be sure to always have powerful battery packs. Of course you can also recharge your eBussy at any household socket or (quick) charging station. The eBussy always has the cables with you.

XBUS. Technical details.

*These figures are provisional and subject to change


You have questions about the XBUS? Here you find the answer! Our team continuously collects the most frequently asked questions, publishes them on the XBUS FAQ page and updates the list continuously.

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