2 chassis variants.

X Modules.

Urban All-Rounder

The modular design of both the setup and the battery concept means that you are not tied to existing infrastructures.

So you don't need a quick charging station, you can simply swap the batteries.

As individual as your life

Do you need the XBUS for private use, or for your business, but at the weekend you want to go camping with your friends?

Discover the modular variants and make the XBUS your personal vehicle with the benefits you really need.

THE XBUS in numbers*


Electronically controlled 4-wheel drive recuperating electric motors and an output of > 1,000 Nm torque.


Up to 45 kWh in total, of which 15 kWh are permanently installed. Optionally expandable with exchangeable batteries by another 30 kWh.

More Data:

Vehicle length approx. 3,945 mm, width approx. 1,690 mm, height approx. 1,930/1,990 mm. Empty weight approx.
Empty weight approx. < 500 - 800 kg without batteries / people / load. Total continuous rated output of the motors approx. 15 kW. Maximum output approx. 56 kW.

Permissible total weight approx. 1,600 kg. Load volume up to 5.3 m³ (depending on the module). Solar foil surface up to 6 m², depending on the module.



You can choose a wide variety of modules for your XBUS, regardless of the chassis. In addition, after the market launch, we will offer you a wide variety of options for swapping the modules with one of our partners if required.


The basis for all other modules.
Or: the launchpad into the world of modular mobility.

Standard | Offroad

STARTPREIS: 17.380,00


Perfect for professional use with an open loading area. The open loading area makes it easier for you to load and unload heavy and bulky objects.
Standard | Offroad

STARTPREIS: 18.260,00


Unlike the PICKUP, the PICKUP BUS has a driver's cab, a rear cab and an open loading area, which makes loading and unloading easier for you.
Standard | Offroad

STARTPREIS: 20.350,00


With a sleeping area for two people, a space-saving kitchen with sink, fridge and hob, you are always ready for your adventure trip.
Standard | Offroad

STARTPREIS: 29.480,00


Do you love letting the wind blow through your hair? With the CABRIO, you have the option of opening the roof in both the driver's cab and the rear cab.
Standard | Offroad

STARTPREIS: 22.880,00


Our largest. With an expected load volume of over 6,000 litres or more than 6 m³.
Standard | Offroad

STARTPREIS: 20.020,00


Enough space for your luggage and that of your friends. With our BUS you are always well on track in the city and in the country.
Standard | Offroad

STARTPREIS: 21.560,00


The extension of the PICKUP. With the TIPPER you can not only load and unload more easily thanks to the open loading area, but also tilt the loading area.
Standard | Offroad

STARTPREIS: 24.530,00


Our all-rounder.
Standard | Offroad

STARTPREIS: 19.950,00

CO2 saving

Based on current pre-orders.



CO2 savings compared to comparable vehicles.

Smart & recyclable

We developed the XBUS with the vision of being one of the most environmentally-friendly vehicles on the market. This is not only measured in terms of the pure emissions while driving, but also in the context of production and recycling.



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