Infinite variety. Electrically designed.

The eBussy comes 2021.

Infinite variety. Electrically designed.

The eBussy comes 2021

The world premiere of our Full Runner

Live via stream on 07.07. at 07:07 pm CEST

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eMobility Products

eBussy. Abbreviation for electric Bus System. A modular concept. Two chassis variants.
Two module-dependent battery compartments. Countless chassis-independent modules. An infinite number of possible uses. Quality guaranteed by up to 10 years manufacturer's warranty.

The eBussy has been developed according to the "Lego principle". Detached from the chosen chassis variant, you can adapt your eBussy to your usage needs easily and quickly and as often as you like.

You don't need any special tools, you don't have to work for NASA, you just need some help sometimes to remove a module and put another one back on.

Feel free for endless Usability…

eBussy. The Story.

It all began in the summer of 2017 when electric mobility became our DNA. We started out with two and three-wheeled electric scooters and quickly internalised that we wanted to bring more than just the umpteenth electric scooter onto the market. December 2018 we had the idea...

Our decades of experience in the automotive sector should result in a vehicle that is as versatile as the lives and needs of its users. We have consciously focused and reduced to the essential. The result is our contribution to tomorrow's mobility, the electric bus system - The eBussy.

The eBussy is a light vehicle (L7e). It sets new standards in almost every respect.

Our goal is clearly defined - the eBussy will be the best and most innovative electric light vehicle in the world.

No other vehicle combines technology, usability, design and fun like an eBussy.

There are so many good reasons to choose an eBussy...

...You want to see the eBussy in action? Then reserve your desired model now...

eBussy. From Germany. With love. For you.

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eBussy. Makes our world greener.

CO² savings based on current reservations

tons of co2 savings
compared to comparable vehicles

All information on calculating the eBussy CO2 footprint

Every eBussy sold saves about 12 tons of CO2! This is how the footprint is calculated:

An average eBussy will have about 15 kW/h lithium batteries on board.

Based on the assumption that it will be charged mainly with solar power, with electricity from renewable energy sources and only 10% from coal-based electricity,
at 15,000 km per year and 10 years life cycle, the following calculation is made:

10 years x 15.000km = 150.000km x approx. 25gr/km CO2 = 3,75 tons CO2

For comparable models from the passenger car sector, the following calculations result for the same mileage and holding time:

1.) Renault Zoe 50 - 50 KW/h battery (carbon content 35%) - 150.000 x 84gr/km CO2 = 12,6 tons CO2 emission

2.) Toyota Yaris Hybrid - 150.000 x 128gr/km CO2 = 19,2 tons CO2 emission

3.) Volkswagen Caddy 2.0 TDI - 150.000 x 126gr/km CO2 = 18,9 tons CO2 emission

In the mix, these comparison vehicles result in an average value of 16.6 tonnes of CO2 emissions over 150,000 km over 10 years.

This means that each eBussy saves an average of more than 12 tonnes of CO2 - or 1.2 tonnes of CO2 per year and thus over 75% CO2 compared to an electric/diesel/petrol/hybrid car comparable in size and usage function.

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